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ul. M. Kopernika 34 lok. 30
00-336 Warszawa
tel.: +48 22 828 22 99
fax: +48 22 828 25 13

About our law firm

We are a modern and dynamic law firm that is open to our clients’ needs. Our focus is to provide services tailored to specific business activity of our clients and to understand their needs and expectations. We provide comprehensive legal counsel on all matters related to business activities. We are specifically committed in offering a bespoke legal advice in relation to all aspects of civil litigation.

We offer our clients solutions that incorporate all legal as well as business aspects of the cases and projects we handle. Our philosophy, principles of legal action and strategy are designed to ensure legal certainty to our client. Our priority task in providing legal services is prevention. The concept is to be understood as security measures applied in economic relations of our client that minimize the risk of client’s loss of prestige and of client’s financial or other losses arising from an ignorance of the law, counterparty’s dishonesty, negligence of the employees, etc.

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